by Sterling Infinity

It’s little under a century from now, and people are more machine than ever. Cybernetic upgrades to humanity, offered at little cost, exist to eradicate human problems like hunger.

The 5% have fled to the stars but the masses are left to either struggle through an apocalyptic wasteland or comply to shutting off their fatal hunger. The price? Domination by a new mechanic elite. 

It’s a cursed half-life where the only release is a virtual paradise people can plug into, but even utopia gets glitches.



Sterling Infinity is an exciting fresh talent that fuses a dynamic vocal prowess with original rock based musical compositions.

Sterling was raised in the rock mining town of Alton, Illinois in a very conservative and religious household. As was the case with many singers before him, Sterling began singing gospel music in the church choir where his father preached. During this time he honed his natural vocal abilities and began his songwriting. Wanting to burst out into the music world and broaden his horizons, he moved to New York City. He was "looking for something real" and he did not know much about NYC, except that it was fast and exciting. He began experimenting with singing '80's music and continued singing gospel where his songwriting abilities and extraordinary vocal range soon won the attention of well known music stars and the adulation of audiences. Soon he was singing not only at church venues, but also at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Avery Fisher, and the Jacob Javits Center. Sterling soon discovered his unique vocal talent and began openly singing songs that he had written that were contemporary and rock infused.  

Pop music always had a great influence on Sterling, and his charisma and energy as a performer made for an easy transition into a rock career. Intermingling elements from a range of genres, Sterling incorporates his operatically and rock professionally trained voice with the deep, muted low-end of the best house music, the passion and cadence of R&B, the rawness of rock, and the love ballads of pop. It a blend that is tied together seamlessly by Sterling’s voice.